From start to finish, we ensure that each part of the pavement project is installed exactly as it should be.

Project Installation by Design

Designing a pavement project is only the first step. Ensuring that each project item is installed correctly is just as important.

Project management starts when the owner awards the project to the contractor of their choice. The bid specification package contains a signature page that, when signed, becomes a contract between the winning bidder and the owner. Cox Pavement Consulting, LLC has a separate document, the Professional Representation Agreement, that outlines the management process and is the basis for our contractual relationship with the owner.

Our On-Site Management Process

To keep your project on time and within budget, we manage it on site. We lay out the project, oversee the installation of all items, and require the contractor to report quantities of all materials used. Any changes that need to be made during the project are quantified by us and approved by you in a written change order.

You don’t have to wonder what’s happening with the project. Daily email updates with pictures allow you to stay up to date on the project’s progress. As your representative throughout the entire pavement process, we allow you to have control of the project and know exactly what is happening on your site. We ensure that the project you’re paying for is the project you get.