There are a host of ways to make pavement more sustainable, environmentally friendly and long lasting. As we head into the hottest days of summer we wanted to report on four examples of sustainable pavement issues and how they can be incorporated into the designs that we do for your site.

Stormwater Reduction - It may not be possible to have a completely sewer free pavement due to site limitations but one or a combination of the following can be installed on site to help control and reduce storm water runoff. Porous pavement allows storm water to pass through the top layer of pavement (either asphalt or concrete) and enter a stone recharge bed beneath the pavement. The water can then be absorbed into the soil and help recharge the local groundwater reserves. This application takes a lot of careful design, extra dig outs and may not be feasible due to site limitations. Bio-swales are planted areas that collect water and allow it to naturally percolate into the soil while also watering any vegetation that has been planted.  Off lot retention areas can pool water and slow down the flow to local area inlets.

Coal Tar Pavement Sealer - Several state municipalities have begun to phase out the use of coal tar (a byproduct of burning coal) in asphalt sealcoat. The alternative is an asphalt based sealer. We indicate a preference for asphalt based sealants when available.

Warm Mix Asphalt - These asphalt mixes use a variety of additives to lower the temperature that is needed to produce a workable asphalt mix. The lower temperature means less energy is used in production, a more pleasant product to work with on site and lower emissions in general.

Long Term Design - The design of your pavement maintenance, rehab or reconstruction project is where the environmental benefits start. The components of the project should be designed to perform long term. This will save money and energy, allow for the pavement to be easily maintained and then rehabilitated when necessary.

Our sole focus is pavement. We design projects that fit your site, your budget and your environmental goals. We make sure that the project that is bid, is the project that you receive. We are your pavement consultants.