Here at Cox Pavement Consulting, we have been managing pavement projects for over 32 years. We will act as your representative throughout the whole process. Let us use our expertise to assist you in your next pavement project.

Pavement Project Case Studies

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Community Bank Project
Completed Roadway Section Image
Community Rehabilitation Project
Complete 4
Community Roadway Rehab Project II

Who We Work For

Corporate Property Management– The projects that have been designed and overseen for our corporate clients are extremely varied. Shopping center parking lots, lifestyle center roadway systems, trucking facilities, bank lots, public roadways with private maintenance requirements; we have a very deep base of experience for designing exactly the type of project that you need.

HOA Run Communities– We have worked with both self-managed and property management company-run communities. The projects have run the gamut from driveway maintenance programs to the rehabilitation of multi-mile community roadways. We understand that the boards need buy-in from the entire community on the project. We bring a level of support to community boards and property managers that cannot be matched.

Owner Managed– The types of projects are the same, but we bring a level of professional expertise and support that owners cannot find anywhere else.

The Right Pieces Make the Project

Every pavement project is much more than just installing some concrete or putting in an asphalt overlay. To make each project work all of the pieces around the project need to work. From correctly draining curb and gutters, safe walkways and ADA compliant accessways we make sure that your projects are safe, easy to use and add to the curb appeal of your building or HOA.

Non-compliant handicap parking area. The parking spaces and sidewalk access to the front door is non-compliant with the ADA.

Updated parking area that has been made complaint with the ADA. Parking spaces are now within the allowable 2% grade in all directions. The sidewalk access has been made compliant from the parking spaces to the front door.

Failed concrete steps.

Updated concrete steps providing a safer, more inviting way for customers to get into the bank. All project work is tracked and photographed throughout the construction process.