Taking the pavement project from field design to final design.

Bid Specification Package

Taking the project from paper design to a shovel-ready project means having a bid specification package that is comprehensive and puts our client’s interests first. Over the last 27 years, we have developed and refined a bid specification package that covers all aspects of the pavement design. From contractor requirements and how they can interact with our project manager to individual project bid items, we manage each step of the process.

Qualified contractors fill out the bid page, supplying only unit and extended costs for each project item and a final project total. Every other item in the bid specification package is set up by our experts and cannot be changed by the bidding contractors. Once the returned winning bid is signed by the owner (or owner’s agent) it becomes a binding contract between the contractor and the owner.

Project Bidding

Our project bidding process puts you back in control. From the on-site inspection through the review of  final bids from qualified contractors, Cox Pavement Consulting, LLC is on your side as your representative.

It’s a simple concept but one that’s often missing from pavement projects: If you call four pavement contractors, you receive four completely different project proposals. Why waste time? At Cox Pavement Consulting, we simplify the process. We ensure that each project, no matter the size, is designed with your site requirements in mind. Then, we collect bids so that you can compare the contractors based on price.