Case Study: Community Roadway Rehabilitation Project II

The Problem

A failing community roadway and parking system. The roadway and parking areas consisted of asphalt with concrete curb and gutters. Concrete sidewalks were present in various areas around the community. Drainage problems were present throughout the community. Areas of curb and gutter had failed and subgrade water penetration from the grass areas presented major water problems.

The Solution

  • An on site inspection and project design was completed by Cox Pavement Consulting to provide the community with the right project to fit their needs.
  • Due to the size, scope and budgeting requirements the project was designed to be completed over five years.
  • Each year a portion of the project was bid out to multiple contractors through our bidding process.
  • The project was overseen each year by Cox Pavement Consulting. Daily on site inspections, testing, changes to the project direction and daily updates were provided to the board to ensure the project that we designed was the project that the community received.
  • Areas of failed base and surface course asphalt were removed to the subgrade level. The subgrade was tested and unsupportive areas were removed and minus rock was installed. Soil stabilization fabric, rock and a new surface course of asphalt were then installed.
  • Local areas of off grade curb and gutter were identified and replaced. Areas of subgrade water  were handled in two ways. Subdrains were installed beneath the curb and gutters and connected to local area inlets where they were available. Areas that did not allow for subdrains had the water routed onto new concrete drain pans and directed to drainage swales that removed the water from the community.
  • The islands and concrete sidewalks at the entrance to the community were redesigned to allow for the installation of ADA compliant sidewalk and crosswalk.


“I cannot say enough positive things about Cox (Pavement) Consulting and the help Clay gave us over our five year road project. Clay is very knowledgeable about road technology and processes. He helped us engineer the project. He helped develop the bids, participated in the evaluation of the contractors’ responses, and reviewed the results with the board. He was on site every day that we had any construction activity and managed the contractors in a very professional manner. He personally stopped them in their tracks several times during each phase of our project to make needed adjustments to the asphalt mix and other technical changes that were necessary to make sure our roadways met his professional standards. Most importantly, he provided the technical expertise that we all lacked, and I’m sure he saved us more than we paid him in his fees. Clay was available, personable, and hard-working with the board, our contractors, and any member of our community who might have had an access issue during construction.

Clay and Collin worked very well as a team. If, for some reason, Clay was not available, Collin was there. Collin had full knowledge of our project and was able to provide any necessary information we might have needed. In addition to managing our five year roadway project, Clay also worked with us to solve several vexing drainage issues that had been bothering residents in our community for years. We now have a
beautiful set of roadways that meet the highest professional and technical standards that will last us for the next 25 to 30 years with regular routine maintenance.”

– Jack Shea, Board President, Cambridge Park

Before the Project:

During the Project: