Case Study: Community Bank Project

The Problem

A failed 2,900 square yard community bank parking lot. The surface course of asphalt showed signs of age and use failures. Local asphalt repairs had failed and drainage patterns had changed due to improper repair installations. The handicap parking spaces and accessways were not compliant with the ADA.

The Solution

  • An on site inspection and project design was completed by Cox Pavement Consulting to provide the community bank with the right project to fit their needs.
  • The project was bid out to multiple contractors through our project bidding process.
  • The project was overseen by Cox Pavement Consulting. Daily on site inspections, testing, changes to the project direction and daily updates were provided to the property manager to ensure the project that we designed was the project that the community bank received.
  • All of the existing asphalt was removed and the base course of rock inspected for stability. Local areas of unstable base were removed and replaced.
  • New curb and gutters and drain pans were installed to ensure the proper drainage of the lot.
  • Concrete teller pads were installed. Concrete ADA compliant parking spaces and accessible routes to the banks entrance were installed.
  • A new surface course of asphalt was installed to complete the project.

On site inspections, comprehensive project design and start to finish project management. Put Cox Pavement Consulting’s 32 years of experience to work for you.

During the Project: